Adios Titos

My Sober Journey

Day 52

I’ve figured out on my short journey this far, I don’t do ANYTHING in moderation. I’ve taken to drinking as much iced tea as I can get my hands on. Love peach tea, but not easy to find. I’m flying out to see my daughter, son-in-law, and son in San Jose this morning. My first “adventure” since I divorced Titos. I am a bit nervous! I’m still not comfortable in my skin without drinking. Something else I’ve recently discovered about myself! Back to the tea. I was actually in a bit of a panic because I couldn’t find any unsweetened tea before boarding. Finally found some, what a joy! Not sure what this says about me, not sure I want to know 🤣🤣. Another thing I’ve learned, this really is similar to a divorce. Been there, done that too. At first, every waking moment is spent thinking about, “how am I going to adjust to being single? I’m scared of the unknown, can I do this?” As time creeps by, maybe you only have these thoughts 1/2 the day. I’ve found since I waved goodbye to Tito’s, at first I felt painfully aware I was no longer drinking. Every moment was spent thinking “I wish I could have just one! How am I going to interact with people without it? Am I ever going to have fun again?” As time moves on, the thoughts aren’t as often, THANK GOODNESS! It’s exhausting! I no longer feel strange or even uncomfortable as a single woman, in fact, I love it! I’m looking forward to the day I feel completely comfortable after my divorce from Tito!