Adios Titos

My Sober Journey

Day 40!

Today is day 40 since I divorced Tito’s! The knot on my head, from day one, that was the size of a softball, is now the size of a quarter. But still plenty sore…good reminder of what NOT to do again! There are still days I struggle, but then I think of the following:

  1. I feel amazing every morning
  2. I’ve lost a few pounds
  3. I’m trying new activities
  4. I’m certainly saving some bucks!! Just got my hair colored and cut…cost me 3 handles of Tito’s!
  5. I’m starting to want to get some cute clothes and pay more attention to my appearance
  6. Food tastes better!!!

    i’m very happy to say, there is life after Tito’s!! Goodbye ol friend ……